Our Story

Sunny Metal was founded in 2000 to give the best service with high quality for both it’scustomers and staff. Since early days with (Production mission)
We have been producting not only economical but also custom made products, we appreciate our customers’time and rights.

Sunny Metal is a well known company not only in Egypt but also worldwide via it’s export to many countries.

However , we give service with special projects, special products and unique prices to our customers. When you contact Sunny Metal for information , an expert from sunny metal family will always guide you and answer your questions. Sunny Metal has increassed the production quality day by day and continue it’s way with reliable steps in our production. We maintain the highest industry standards of engineering and quality assurance manufacturing systems to produce high quality product.


We wish to become a group of leading factories for introduce highest quality to manufacturing these products:

  • Office Furniture.
  • Hotel & garden Furniture.
  • Lab Furniture.
  • Educational Furniture.
  • Hospital Furniture.
  • Wood Lighting units.


To Provide high quality product for local & international market through newest production technology in this field, and through creative team to introduce full support.


  • Creativity.
  • Transparency.
  • Team work.


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